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Due to circumstances beyond our control the area that Delta City allowed dumping of grass clippings and limbs, just north of the county's waste collection site will remained closed.

City Council Declare July 1st Through July 7th "Independents Week"

"Independents Week," it is a time to celebrate the independence of the members of the area community of Delta and the entrepreneurial spirit represented by our core of local independent businesses.


2016 Event Poster

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Call for Entries in Delta City 4th of July Parade

Delta City’s 4th of July Celebration is one of the best in the Country. The City Council and City Staff strive tirelessly to ensure festivities maintain their small, hometown feeling and remain as near as possible to our previous holiday celebrations of many years past. An irreplaceable component of the celebration is the Parade itself, and more specifically, the community effort of those that spend time and money for parade entries for all to enjoy. Each and every float sponsor and parade participant deserves our thanks for their contributions that make this event so successful.

A paramount concern for the City Council is that everyone is able to enjoy the day safely, leaving with only happy memories. The throwing of candy during the parade has been an honored tradition. However, it cannot be ignored that this tradition places many children in harm’s way as they focus on scattered treasures on the road, not recognizing the danger of being in the path of the next float. Accordingly, it is necessary for the City make some changes to safeguard against tragedy, and to comply with Utah Department of Transportation requirements in order for us to host a parade upon our Main Street, which is a Utah State Highway. Therefore, Delta City is asking parade participants to do the following:

·         No candy or other items will be thrown from a float or vehicle.

·         Items may be handed out by float walkers, and walkers are to stay in the outside lane when handing out items. Walkers must be 12 years of age or older. There should not be more than two walkers per side of a float (for a total of 4 walkers per float).

·         Walkers may only resupply their candy or other items to be handed out from behind the rear axle of the float, and only when the float vehicle is not in motion. Some form of containers must be filled upon the float and ready to resupply and exchange empty containers from the walkers. 

·         No climbing on and off of a float vehicle except for exchanging walkers. Exchanges should be kept to a minimum to keep the parade flowing, and only when the float vehicle is not in motion. 

·         The Millard County Sheriff’s Office and the Millard County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue will be asked to enforce these rules, and remind float drivers and participants at intersections along the parade route.

Chairs and other items left in the public right-of-way prior to 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, July 3rd to “save spots,” may be removed. Items removed by City Staff may be claimed by owners through the City Offices on July 5th during regular business hours.  

It is the City Council’s sincere hope that everyone, from parade participants to spectators, will embrace these changes and recognize they are necessary to keep Delta the happiest place to be on the 4th of July. Please join with us in continuing to make our 4th of July the best by participating with your float entries. 

As a reminder, the Children’s Parade will begin at the Delta High School parking lot at 400 North 100 West and will proceed south to the City Park at 7:00 P.M. Cars may park perpendicular to the curb on either side of the road in order to view the children along the way.


Delta City Mayor and City Council    


In consideration of recent witnessed events, the Delta City Council would like to remind our citizens that it is the responsibility of the owners of dogs within our community to control their animals and to keep them upon their own property. Please be reminded that is it a violation of Delta City Municipal Code §13-244 A. through D. Even though applicable year-round, at this time of year with the beautiful summer weather, it is commonplace for our citizens to be outside and traversing the streets, parks and other public rights-of-way in order to exercise or simply to be outside enjoying the weather. Whatever the reason, please take into consideration that any given individual that might encounter your animal if it is not upon your own property, the individual has no knowledge as to whether your animal is docile or aggressive. We have an animal control officer in our community who routinely patrols Delta City. Please do not find yourself in the situation of having to be issued a citation for violation of this ordinance. Thank you for the consideration of your fellow citizens.

Fiscal Year 2017 Budget

The City Council passed the Fiscal Year 2017 Final (Initial) Budget at their June 16, 2016 Council Meeting.

Aircraft Fuel

100LL Avgas $4.16 USD per gallon.
Jet "A" Fuel $3.17 USD per gallon.



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